Abhiyaan 21 Days Induction Program

About Abhiyaan

Abhiyaan is a 21 days induction program designed to introduce participants to various aspects of the field. It includes workshops, seminars, and hands-on projects to enhance skills and knowledge.

21 Days Schedule

Day 1: Introduction to the Program
Day 2: Introduction to Communication
Day 3:Introduction to emerging tech
Day 4: Digital Marketing
Day 5: Social Media and Communication
Day 6: Cloud Computing and Communication
Day 7: GD over a group of technologies
Day 8:Start-up IDEA
Day 9: My life till Date
Day 10: Web Intro and static Pages
Day 11: My Dream company_PPT
Day 12: Where I (Jorai Window)
Day 13: Poster Desigining
Day 14: Broken Telephone
Day 15: DATASET Day
Day 16: Case Study and solution
Day 17: Chat Bot creation
Day 18: Real Time applications buildings
Day 19: Logic Building Quiz
Day 20: Interviews
Day 21: D-DAY